Wednesday, September 28, 2011


fall wants

This is my fall inspiration/want collage.
I'm definitely going to be sporting more browns, oranges, reds, purples, greens & blues.
And of course, my signature leopard print.
I'm just dying to acquire a leopard print belt.
And as always, a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.
I'm actually starting to look forward to snuggling up on a cold fall/winter night by the fire to read a good book.
I'm almost upset that I'm serious about that.
I despise winter for the most part.
And cold weather.
But there are positives I suppose.
The snow is beautiful....when you're viewing it from indoors.
Outside it's sloppy. Slippery. Wet. Cold. And it ruins my shoes!
But I do love sweaters. Winter coats. Ugg boots. Tights. The holidays. etc...
Plus, since most of my time is spent indoors I tend to get more crafty during the cold months.
Uno: Sleeping in just a little bit
Dos: I finally decided not to be lazy & went to get new tabs for my car.
Tres: I get to see the love of my life tonigth!
Cuatro: Work is fairly slow today - thank God!
Cinco: It's a beautiful, sunny, warm day outside :)

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