Saturday, October 22, 2011


I'm going to apologize in advance for all future outfit posts. As if my pictures didn't suck enough already considering I always use my camera phone, they're really gonna suck for a while.

I broke the lense of my camera on my phone.
I know...I suck!
It still works - pictures are just foggy & slightly blurred.

dress|h&m - scarf|h&m - tights|vera wang - shoes|rampage

So there you have it - what my outfit posts have become.
Anywho...tonight I have a singles event to host for work. We're having dinner at Crave!
I can't wait to share with you all just how yummy the food is!

Oh, also - yesterday was my last day at my job. Monday I'm off to begin something new. :)
I'm excited. Nervous. Happy. Sad. Scared.
Basically I'm a wreck.
I'm sure it'll be fine...
Positive, actually.
I can't wait to tell you all about it next week!

1. I'm looking forward to dinner at Crave tonight with my love & some fantastic singles!
2. I just bought a new dress & some GORGEOUS sparkly purple nailpolish!
3. Brueggers bagels.
4. Working with my favorite ladies here at Great Expectations!
5. Deciding what to wear for my first day of work on Monday!


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