Monday, October 10, 2011


So this is what I'm wearing today.
Pretty much.

I'm pretty stoked for tonight - shopping downtown & Juicy Lucy's with my girls!
Couldn't wish for a better Monday night!

Again, a wrench was thrown into my birthday plans.
The hotel was BOOKED.
So now instead we're just going to cab it back to my place.
Cheaper & plenty of beds.
It'll still be fun, but getting a hotel dt just makes things seem more exciting.
Also, the temps are about to drop.
I should have expected it.
We've been more than lucky with these 80 degree temps in October.
It had to end sometime.
So instead of lows in the 70's, it'll be more like lows in the 40's.
So my little dress may have to include tights & boots now.

Anybody ever watch Everybody Loves Raymond?
If you're a frequent watcher you'd understand my blog title today.
Readers digest version: Asian lady trying to say "Have a nice day".
Ha Ba Na Da!
Makes me giggle!


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