Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Things have been hectic lately.
As you know, I started my new job 2-1/2 weeks ago.
Not to mention I'm still planning events for Great Expectations.
The new job is coming along...
I'm still not comfortable in my role yet.
I have a LOT to learn!
Also, I got some news last week.
My roommate purchased a house and will be moving out of our apartment on December 1st.
Sad day.
We've been scrambling to figure out what's to happen with her part of the lease.
Our complex recently decided they're no longer going to be offering a sub-leasing option.
Thumbs down!
So after a few days of discussions Adam has decided to move in.
We're both a little nervous/scared/happy/anxious/excited, but it'll be nice to have a brief 3 month 'trial period' before we dive into the real thing. We've been discussing moving in together once my lease is up March 1st, but we never came to an official conclusion. Not to mention a few things need to be dealt with before we can make a decision on where to start looking for a place.
I'm happy with the fact that now we'll get to practice living together and see how we mesh in day-to-day life under the same roof without being legally bound together for a year.
We agreed not to break up or have any hard feelings if one of both of us decide at the end of this 3 month period that we're just not ready to live together officially yet.
Granted, it might be difficult to hear that your significant other doesn't find it easy living with you, but I'll definitely try not to take it too personally if Adam should feel that way.
I'm crossing my fingers that things go well.
It's nice to have the next month to move his stuff from storage into my apartment.

In other news...I discovered Pintrest.
I know it's been quite popular for a while now, but I just recently [yesterday] became a member.
I must say - I'm definitely a fan!
I'm definitely going to be gettin' crafty in the next few months!
I volunteered my step mom to be my crafting buddy next month.
We're going to make Christmas decorations together!
I can't wait!

'Til next time, friends!


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