Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Suit up.

Blazer|Mossimo via Goodwill - $5.99
Top|Mossimo - $13.99
Bottoms|Vanity - $22.99
Heels|Paprika - $12.99
Necklace|Forever 21 - $2.85

I know these outfit posts are far & few between now-a-days. I have to dress very professionally for the new job & pictures of those outfits would get very boring, very fast! I'm really going to try and get another outfit post up this Saturday! So stay tuned!!

1. Getting off work early.
2. Discovering an amazing dress on the Target clearance racks.
3. Working at GE with all of my favorite girls!
4. Halloween candy.
5. Sons of Anarchy night!!!


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