Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I feel kinda bad...
I hardly write on here anymore.
I promise I've been keeping up on reading everyone's blogs...but not posting anything of my own.
There's a reason for that...
Since starting my new job my personal fashion has been threw the ringer.
People here dress very business professional.
Something I'm definitely not used to.
At my last job it was casual, so I could wear jeans which made outfit options limitless.
My part time job is business casual, but considering it's an office of only women (women that love to shop and love fashion almost as much as I do) it's always been fun to dress up and we all are constantly asking where the others got their shoes...skirts....tops....dresses...etc.
Here if I were to dress up I'd get some odd looks, that's for sure.
So I've been trapped in dress pants & blazers.
I definitely don't feel like myself in these clothes.
That's for sure.
Normally, as you know...I take bathroom pics at my part time job because they have a full wall mirror which makes it easy to capture the entire outfit. I typically only work there at night during the week, and then on weekends, which makes it difficult considering week nights I'm now in my blah clothes, and weekends I'm not always working in the office. Sometimes I'm hosting events.
I'm going to try and figure out a new plan for outfit posts in the near future to get back up to speed.
Another downer is that Polyvore doesn't work on my new computer for some reason. It just wont load.
That nonsense takes away the only other resource I have for posting something fashion related.
Well, the only other convenient resource, that is.
So for now I'll leave you with a few pairs of shoes that I'm just dying for!

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