Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've noticed that a lot of the bloggers that I follow also have "stores" online where you can purchase their clothes...
Well, I - being a huge shopaholic - have an obscene amount of clothes that I'm constantly getting rid of. My friends just LOVE to raid my closet when it's time for me to make some room for my new purchases. Whatever ends up being left over I always donate. I'm weird and get very attached to my clothes. Most things I only end up wearing once or twice, but I always remember where I wore them. It's hard sometimes to detach from them, which is why I love giving them to friends. That way I can see them wearing them & loving them! Also, my roomie steals most of my clothes and when she's kind of over them I reshop my own clothes! I actually just reaquired a few things from her closet that were originally mine! But I'd actually really love to start a shop as well. That way when I can have an outlet for my seldomly worn clothes & if I find some amazing thrifted pieces that maybe aren't in my size, I can buy them & resell them!
There's one problem though - I'm not sure how this works. How do you have a shop on your blog? I have no idea how to even go about this.
Help a sista' out, eh?!

Thanks friends :)


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