Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grey & White

Boots | Charlotte Russe
Pants | Vanity
Tank | F21
Cardi | Mossimo
Scarf | H&M

This is what I wore yesterday! 
I had just gotten this cardi [brand new, might I add!] from Goodwill the day before!
I was pretty excited about such a basic purchase.
I've been needing a solid white cardi for agesss!
I've been practically hitting a gold mine at thrift stores lately.
Well, as far as dresses & cardigans are concerned.
Speaking of dresses...
I'm wearing one of my newbies today!
Expect pictures later!

Back to yesterday's outfit....
It's a shame I covered up the best part of the tank I was wearing...
The top is covered with...well...I suppose they're actually metal cutout shapes.
It's actually a pretty neat design.
However, that tank is a little bit too low cut for a work ensemble.
Hence the scarf!
I thought it kinda jazzed it up a little, though!

I. It's already midweek! Oh how time flies!
II. Preparing prize gifts for Saturday's Ugly Christmas Sweater Holiday Party.
III. Receiving new shoes in the mail today!
IV. Getting to wear new dresses. :)
V. Pinning with my bestest over breakfast this morning.

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