Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Remember those Nude/Snakeskin Cutout Wedges that I posted about not too long ago?
I wanted them soooo bad!
Well, I ordered them online and got them today!
The good part: They were beautiful!
The bad part: They were too small.
Dun dun dunnnn!
Soooo I immediately went into the store to try my luck at exchanging them for a half a size larger.
Alas, those shoes are not available in stores yet.
However they had a special today: Buy one pair of heels, get a 2nd for just $10!
Of course I had to indulge in that sale!
So here are what I exchanged those beautiful wedges for:

Except the 2nd pair instead of red & black the ones I got are pink & grey.
I'm so very excited to pair them with all of the LBD's I just bought!
They'll really spice 'em up!

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