Monday, January 9, 2012

Another wedding post?! Say whaaaat?

I knoww, I'm such a girl!
I attended a NYE Wedding last weekend and a wedding this past Saturday as well and I've got the fever!
I don't intend to get married for a few years still, but a girl can always dream!

The past two weddings I attended were so drastically different.
Actually, all of the weddings I've attended have been different.
It's amazing how great they all were, though!

A great friend of mine, Carrie, finally got her fancy, schmancy wedding on Saturday.
It was beautiful & perfect.
So very Carrie!
The colors & the dresses looked fantastic.
The floral arrangements and the music were amazing.

It definitely got me thinkin'....again....what would my wedding be like?

Since I last pictured it in my head I'm sure things have changed....

As far as bridesmaids go, I'm somewhat at a loss.
I don't want too many.
I'd prefer to keep it to about three.
As if that's possible.

I'd love for my sister to be my maid of honor, but I doubt she'll be able to make it :(

If numbers were not an issue, my bridesmaids would be:

My sister, Anna.

It's tough, though, because I don't want 8 bridesmaids.
But how do you just cut friend's out of that moment in your life?
Not cut them out as in they can't come.
But I'd want to include them all.
But 8 is just such a big number.

I think Adam would choose the following for groomsmen...

Matt T.
Matt (His brother)
Dylan (His brother)
And...I'd like for him to choose my brother, Patrick, as well.

So that's 10 for him.
Well....I guess 8 isn't so out of the question for me, then.

I have no idea what I'd want colors to be and I honestly have no idea what I'd like my dress to look like.
When I look thru dresses I say "ooooh I want that one!" to practically every dress!
They're (almost) all so beautiful.

I love day dreaming about someday......

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