Saturday, February 4, 2012


dress (worn as top) | f21
skirt | f21
tights | vera wang
flats | old navy
faux fur vest | Vivienne Tam
necklace | f21

This morning when I was getting dressed I really wanted to wear this vest so I threw it on but was unsure how I felt about it with the rest of the outfit. [side note: my bf HATES this vest] So I asked the bf if I looked ok and he, of course, said the vest looked dumb. Based on the fact that he wears carpenter jeans, t-shirts that he bought at gas stations and still wears Girbaud jeans.....I decided I should probably do the opposite of what he suggested. Although...I am still on the fence.

Tonight I'm attending a dinner party with a bunch of old friends from high school. I think I might lose the skirt & just wear the dress! I actually have this striped dress in purple & black as well...maybe I'll switch to that one! Either way, I'll be sure to snap a few pictures :)


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