Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day

flats | xhilaration via target
skirt | merona via target
top | old navy
blazer | liz baker via goodwill
necklace | apt 9 via kohls

This was my quick attempt at dressing business-y today. Yikes! I'm just not a fan of the flats or that skirt. I mean - I love the skirt. Just not on me. It's not very figure flattering. Ah well - ya live & ya learn. :) 

Anybody read 50 Shades of Grey yet? A friend gave it to me over the weekend and I'm totally sucked in and almost finished. I've never read such an inappropriate book before, and although it brings the immaturity out in me by causing me to giggle at naughty words, I really love it and definitely recommend it! I'm actually heading out tonight to pick up the other two books in the trilogy. 


  1. I like that skirt on you! The print is really cool. And I've never heard of that book. I'll have to look it up on Amazon in a minute and see what it's about. :) <3



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