Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainy Daze.

I woke up totally late this morning. 8:30 to be exact. I work at 9:00 on Saturday mornings. Talk about oversleeping! So in a rush to throw something semi professional together, this is what I ended up with.

heels | aldo via goodwill
pants | vanity
top | old navy
necklace | h&m

I found this necklace at h&m the other day and my only disappointment is that they don't have it in other colors because I'm in absolute love! At least J. Crew has similars in a variety of colors - I'll have to snatch up a few of those soon! 

Oh - here's a little sneak peak at what I wore yesterday...
jeans | vanity
top | h&m
scarf | h&m
cardi | unknown via goodwill
heels (not pictured) | aldo via goodwill

I believe this top is supposed to be a dress. A very short dress. I, however, refuse to wear it as such. But I thought it made a cute, flowy top. And the scarf - I instantly fell in love with it. I'm sure you've all guessed by now I have a serious obsession with leopard print. :) 


  1. Such a pretty necklace...and I love the pattern mixing in that second outfit - so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. ..what a fantastic outfits , love polka dot top and wooow - what an amazing necklace ..

    Following you now :)

  3. ..I can't find a followers button !!! Is there ?

    1. There should be at the top of the page under the web address bar! Let me know if you still can't find one :)

  4. good job on the dress in to a top, i hate too short dresses, i'm way to clumsy ;) and that necklace, wow!! its gorgeous!


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