Monday, September 10, 2012


top | nicole miller
skirt | merona
blazer | briggs new york//thrifted
necklace | ebay
heels | guess//thrifted

I was absolutely thrilled when I found this blazer last week! I'm always such a sucker for anything with polkadots and when I saw this beaut. on the rack at Goodwill AND it was my size I just about jumped for joy!

Speaking of Goodwill....just you wait & see the gorgeous heels I picked up this weekend!! One pair were EXACTLY what I have been searching for the past few weeks. I guess the thrifting Gods finally decided to answer my prayers ;)


  1. Agh I have been having such fantastic luck at thrifting lately! This is a fabulous find! Jealous lol!

    Xo Meghan

  2. I love your outfit and great blog

  3. Ugh! POLKA DOTS!! *Le-Sigh* LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Xo

  4. The best part about everyone having these necklaces is seeing all the different ways people have styled them, and I love this outfit!


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