Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm still here.

I'm sorry it seems as if I've abandoned you all.
It's been ages since I've posted anything, let alone an outfit post.
Things will be back to normal around here after the holidays.
Scouts honor.
With my home laptop being out of commission, my boyfriends being slower than you could even possibly imagine, the hectic holidays and my work schedule being overwhelming, Thrifty Little Pretties hasn't exactly been a top priority lately, nor has it been easy to stay on top of. For that, I'm sorry.
I've still been doing my best to keep up with all of your beautiful blogs & comment on as many as time allows for.
The new laptop will arrive next Thursday, so I'll be back on the reg. then.
On the upside, after Christmas sales are the bomb-diggity so I'm sure I'll have plenty of new snazzy outfits to share with you folks.
Get excited! I know I am.

As always.....
Stay tuned.

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