Monday, February 18, 2013


This week I feel like I'm sponsored by Target. I should probably be getting a pay check from them for all of this advertising.

You guessed it....todays post is about none other than.....
...drum roll please...
T A R G E T !

I'm typically not a fan of Target's jewelry. Personally, I think it's over priced for the quality and lack of variety.
Lately, however, I've been singin' a different tune. They've really added a TON of great new pieces that are definitely on point and in trend.

I pretty much want one of everything. Two of some know just in case I lose one, which, let's be serious.....I will.


  1. I love Target! I try to avoid going in the accessories section...cuz when I do I want everything!

  2. I've heard so much about Target! I seriously want one here now. :D You have a pretty blog.



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