Friday, March 15, 2013

Silly Me

So apparently Google Reader is goin' down the drain & we are being forced to follow blogs other ways. Honestly....I still feel pretty new to the blogging world and I have absolutely no idea what this means. I typically follow blogs via Google Friend Connect. Does this mean I will no longer be able to follow all of the blogs I follow? Will my followers disappear? So many questions. I need simple answers, people! Help me out, would ya?

In the mean time....I'm on Bloglovin!


  1. hmmmm I believe this means that you will have to follow peoples RSS feed n' or on bloglovin! Just a thought!



  2. i am so confused too! Xo Megan,

  3. Hi miss,

    I hope I can help you out about with this, I know there has been a lot of panic surrounding the cancellation of Google Reader, so I did a little research; Google Reader and Google Friend Connect are actually two different things and, as far as I can tell, GFC isn't going anywhere, so you should still be able to use it come July 1st, unless something changes. Hope that reassures you a bit! That said, though, I think bloglovin is way better for following blog - it's just a lot easier to use :)



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