Monday, March 18, 2013

Pantone's Spring 2013 | Monaco Blue

I've been looking forward to this weeks post forrrrevvvverrrrr. Why? Because it's easy! Blue jeans, baby! Everyone's got a pair.'s an absolutely beautiful color. So elegant and rich.

This weeks color is MONACO BLUE!


I'm sorry, but this week it looks like you're stuck with just my inspiration board. It turns out I don't really have any "Monaco Blue" items (besides jeans) that are suitable for the very chilly temps Minnesota has been experiencing this past week. Brrrr.


  1. Monaco blue is a gorgeous shade, I really like that dress! As soon as it it warms up, you'll be monaco blue too.;)

  2. I have been buying so much blue lately -- I just can't get enough of it!

  3. Thus is a great color!

  4. I love Monaco blue. I actually have a Monaco blue bracelet that's very similar to the one you featured in this post, and I'd love to pair it with that dress! So gorgeous!

  5. I love the earrings! :) xx

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  6. Ooh what a beautiful color! It's nice to see something other than emerald get some attention this Spring! ;)

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