Friday, April 26, 2013


The days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter. The skies are bluer and the grass is getting greener. How do I manage to go without this beautiful weather for months on end? Thank goodness for Spring & Summer!

This is what has been Pinspiring me this week...

*all images via Pinterest*
Florals, black & white, relaxed boyfriend jeans, stripes and wax-coated denim have been on my mind lately. I'm trying to fit in a few more wears of my faux leather items and cozy/chic blazers before it's just too hot for them! I won't be complaining, though!

What items in your closet are you sad to pack away for the summer?


  1. Oh pinterest, how I love you!

    I find these outfits so sexy, in a non-trashy way.

  2. Pinterest is seriously the greatest thing ever.

    xo Ashley

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  4. Cute stuff. Got to love pinterest!

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