Friday, May 7, 2010

A little pee never hurt anybody...

life is a long lesson in humility.
-james m. barrie

smart man...

my mom had to have foot surgery yesterday, which long story short, included metal rods and screws. my mom's townhome is a split level - kitchen, living room, and dining room being on the lower level, and the bedrooms and bathroom being on the upper level. well she can't walk, let alone get up/down stairs. so she's decided to make herself at home on the lower level for the next few weeks. because of this, she now has to go to the bathroom on this little toilet thing for elderly people. i stayed with her last night to make sure i could help her with everything, as i will for the next few nights until she starts to get used to doing things on her own. well this morning i thought i'd be nice and empty the shitter for her, and then it happened. i miscalculated where the handles were on the bucket which resulted in me dropping it and covering myself in my mother's piss. surprisingly enough, it wasn't the first time i've had someone else's pee on me. needless to say, i'm going to be adding this morning to my file of things i pray to god don't get brought up during a good ol' game of i've never. lord knows i'll lose.

at least i've now learned to scratch every career that involves caring for disabled or elderly people off my "what i want to be when i grow up" list.

on the plus side, god answered my prayer asking him to make sure the stench of piss washed out of my hair quickly this morning since i ended up spending most of my time scrubbing the floor and ended up with far less time to get ready for work than i had originally planned.

moral of the story - i think i've learned that lesson mr. barrie.

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