Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wish I had a million dollars....

It seems that everyone today is posting some sort of fashion blog, so I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and let all of you know what kind of clothes I love and think you should love as well.

Yes, you're right. You have seen this dress in a previous blog of mine. Know why? Becaues I own it and I love it! You'll soon learn that I love animal print, grunge, metalics, floral, ruffles and bright colors. Love. Love. Love. Now, back to this sexy leopard print dress. Personally, I pair it with black pumps and lots of chunky bracelets to give it a little bit of a rocker edge. However, I do like the booties as well.

I hate Harem pants. These things....are hideous. It looks like you took a dump in your huuuuge diaper. Just an FYI, these things have no place in todays fashion.

I'm in love with the black & white. Black jeans give me goose bumps they're so sexy. I'm really into the loose, flowy shirts right now as well. PLUS! The black leather jacket gives this outfit total edge. It's like classy, grunge. As if there were such thing...

I'm a huuuge fan of this sweatshirt. It's laid back, loose, comfy and classy. This paired with the leggings and sexy heels gives this casual sweatshirt an awesome look. I'd totally wear it out on the town on a cold winter night. I'd probably add a long necklace as well though.

I love the classiness the lace adds to this dress. I'm super into the one sleeved tops / dresses lately. Not huge on the booties with this dress, but the hair gives this dress a soft look and is contrasted with the chunky metal bracelets and I'm wayyy into it.Sheer = hot. Plus it's animal print and it's got flow. Count me innnn.
I own this skirt, and I'm proud of it - therefore, I wanted to show it off. It's suuuper hot. I personally pair it with a black, deep v-cut shirt with ruffly shoulders and grey pumps with a long necklace and chunky bangles. I look gooood in it.
I want this dress like....wicked bad!! It's hottt. Way flattering too, and I'm lovin it with the tights.
Florals & bright colors. I want to be in this dress. Stat. I love the abstract, watercolor-esque pattern. I can almost feel the summer sun just looking at it! It'd look awesome with black tights, a cardigan and boots. Tada! Winterized!
One-sleeved. Self explanitory. I mean come on! Look at it! I'm looooving the bracelets it's paired with in this pic as well.
The studs give this tank some serious edge. The shape of the studs also helps accentuate the feminine curves as well, which is always a bonus. I'm diggin the flare. You'd definitely stand out in this.
3 things I love about this outfit:
1) The boots. They're magnificent! The buckles are awesome!
2) Pleather skirt. So in, and so edgy I just can't stand it! A definite must have for me.
3) Again with the black and white!!
I lied....there's 4 things....
4) Loose flowy shirt. Gotta have it!

First of all, I love this model. She's so versatile! Now on to the dress. I love the colors. So dramatic and beautiful. The blue is so elegant, and the flowers make this so feminine. Also, way diggin the bangles. I love the difference between all of the bracelets used, and the ones chosen make this dress look less soft and innocent. It's awesome!
This dress is just so darn tootin' cute. I love, again, the black and white. I'm really likin' the zipper up the front, and the loose fit. I'd probably pair it with a black fashion belt myself.

Ok, now that I've practically laid out my dream wardrobe for ya, I suppose I'll sign off now.

Stay stylin' . Haha, again....only funny because I have no readers, so I'm really just talkin to myself.


  1. I Love the sweatshirt outfit. I so badly want one. :(
    Btw, nice collection. I am head over heels for most of the fits present above.


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