Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My focus with this picture is the mural. Now, although I'm not a huge fan of it in this room, because I don't feel that it really fits the theme, I do love murals! I think they can really add a lot to a room and be an outstanding focal point.
Every room really needs a focal point. Personally, I tend to lean towards something a little dramatic to be the focal point. I like it to be a color, that perhaps wasn't used anywhere else in the room, yet it matches all the colors that were used. I think a red chandelier would be a romantic, bold addition to a room.
Being a girl, I am of course in love with this closet. I actually really love how this closet fits with this room...well at least what you can see of the room. It has great lighting, and instead of looking like a cluttered closet, as they most do, it's a very organized, relaxing area.
Now, I love this. Large art pieces that really pop, are very bold statement pieces. I think this one really fits well into this room. The furniture is all modern, yet conservative, and somewhat colonial (the ottoman), and the abstract-ness of the art really amps up the modern vibe the room has.
I clearly am a fan of this one. I love animal print as well as the grouping of black, red, and white. I think the red couch is really pulled into the room with the black and white pillows. The animal print stools really add sass to the room. I love the multiple patterns throughout the room as well.
I just love this bathtub. What a relaxing way to end a day? The mirror adds a little romance, as well as modernization to it as well.
Who doesn't love a window seat? This look is very relaxed, and contemporary. I love the yellow pillows as well.
This kitchen has such a clean, organized feel to it. I think that with everything being white, it really makes the kitchen look larger than it is.
My point with this photo, was simply the pattern of the couch. I love it.
This living room is just amazing. The white makes everything look so neat, and comfortable. It's a well put together room, and I feel that the large yellow artwork adds a lot of modernized class.
This tub, heck, this whole bathroom is glorious. I really like the counter, and how the towels have a visible spot. I'm not sure what it is, but when things aren't all tucked away, and they're out in the open, I just adore the feel it gives to a room. My favorite part, is of course, the tub.
The blue walls are dramatic and romantic, and the green accents look amazing!
The large fireplace is always a great focal point. I like the couch & chairs facing each other as well. It really adds a personal touch to the room.
I just love the modern-ness of this room.
Love, love, LOVE the tall windows. Oh em geeee. This room is just gorgeous. With the seating arrangement as it is, it makes it clear that conversation and family are the focal point of this room, along with the windows/doors.
I'm a big fan of this clock display. I think it's really neat having all those time zones shown. I'm also really diggin the hanging light fixtures.
Personally, I think this wallpaper and the fabric of the stool are just amazing. It's so relaxed and fresh, which is a great feel for a bathroom!
Personally, I'm a huge fan of green & orange, so this room obviously gets a thumbs up from me. Plus, the slanted ceiling is just amazing. It gives the room an "old" feel to it.
The plants and wicker remind me of being in a cottage on the beach.
I just love instead of all cupboards, they have some shelves. Once again the openness, with everything not being hidden and tucked away, really adds a "homey" comfortable feel.
Now that's a statement piece.
I just really loved the tall wall of windows and the draped curtains. Again, I love the positioning of the seating - How it's all facing each other. It gives it a very intimate feel.
I love the couch. I love the colors. I love the collage.
Tall cupboards = gorgeous!!

I've come across pictures of this room multiple times, and I just adore the collage of different frames, and the striped walls. It's all very contrasting, but really pulls together well.

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