Friday, March 25, 2011


No, this isn't going to be a blog about breathing.
I'm so witty........
Actually, I'm such a dork.
Ok, enough bad jokes.
I've been absolutely itchin' lately to get out and take some pictures. The only problem is my personal laptop is currently broken, as it always seems to be, so I'm unable to put the pictures I take anywhere! And now, both of my memory cards are full. Yikes!
I got this new camera for Christmas and haven't really gotten many opportunities to see how great it is! Sad face. It's not one of those super cool cameras with the changable lenses, and all that. You know, the professional ones! Although, it's got a stellar amount of mega-pixels. So, I'm thinkin' I could get some decent images out of it.
It's so tough in this state to be a photography junky. It's freezing cold outside most of the year, and I'm super into photographing nature. I'd really like to get into taking pictures of people. I've dabbled, and to my own surprise, I was actually pretty darn good! Well, in my opinion at least! I did a little boudoir photography last summer and the pictures came out absolutely great! Too bad my "model" wouldn't let me keep any of the pictures for my portfolio. It was good practice though!
So, this spring/summer/fall my goal is to really dive into taking pictures. TONS of them! Before that, though, I have to get this laptop fixed! Hopefully it'll remain working for more than 2 months this time!
Ultimately, I'd like to really fine tune my "skills" to the point where I could charge people for a photo session. I'm gonna need to acquire one of those professional type cameras first though!

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