Saturday, September 24, 2011


[ jacket | target-unsure of brand ] [ sandals | f21 ] [dress | h&m ] [ sweater | take out ] [ belt | f21 ]

this is my Saturday attire.
I wish it was warmer out though so I wasn't so freezing!
I just bought this dress on clearance last week for $15!!!
Outstanding, right?
I thought so...
I haven't gotten a chance to wear it and figured I'd throw it on for work today.
At least now I'll have gotten to wear it at least once this year.
As soon as the ice starts to thaw next spring, I'm throwin this baby on again!

It's really a shame I don't live in a warmer climate considering the amount of dresses/skirts that I own.
And that I LOVE to wear them.

The hubby's sick at home in bed today.
Poor guy.

Tonight we're going to go watch the UFC fights.
I'm a bit of a UFC junky.
I never miss a fight.
Tonight is gonna be Jon 'Bones' Jones vs. Rampage.
I got my money on 'Bones' Jonesssssss!

Then tomorrow me and my babes are heading to Stillwater for his brother's birthday party.
Should be an exciting day!
Especially since Sunday night will be spent with my besty, Steph getting our sip onnnn.
I took Monday off work so I could relaxxx.
By relax, I mean spent nursing a hangover.
Well worth it, my friends. Well worth it.

5 Things That Have Made Me Happy Today

1. It's Saturday
2. I woke up next to the best man in the world.
3. UFC fights tonight! The excitement is building!
4. Brueggers! Yumm yumm in my tumm tumm.
5. Coffeee!

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