Friday, October 7, 2011

a modern-day warrior/mean mean stride/today's tom sawyer/mean mean pride

Yes, those are lyrics from Tom Sawyer [Rush].
And I know what you're thinking...
I have fantastic taste in music.
It's true.

I woke up this morning & woke my roommate up by belting out some awesome song's by Elton John.
Again, I know I listen to great music.
She was impressed.
Despite what she says.
She's quite the fan of my off-pitch, crackly instrument that is my voice.
Most people are.
I think it's my enthusiasm that draws them in.
But it's definitely gotta be my voice that keeps 'em there.

A complication arose last night with my birthday festivities.
Turns out the 15th is Minneapolis' Monster Pub Crawl.
Spookily similar to the Zombie Pub Crawl that will be taking over the west bank tomorrow.
Tickets are $40 for a set of 2.
Unless you're smart like me & purchased them thru Living Social last night.
Ten bucks a pop.
A few of my friends pitched in & we're now holding 10 tickets.
Tickets include front of the line access to all participating bars.
Free liquor tasting.
Drink specials.
No door fees.
Pretty gnarly deal.
The best part is the savings.
We saved $150!
I can't really take all of the credit though.
Actually none of it.
My Jessi-Jess [aka Cheeto] discovered that this event will be happenin' on my bdayyy & she discovered the deal w/Living Social.
So, the downside is DT will be insane!
And I wont be winning any costume contests.
Although I really think my ninja turtle costume would wow the judges.
But on the bright side, I'll really be standin' out in my sexy lil' dress I'll be sporting.
Plus, it'll be quite the entertainment venue down there.

I canNOT wait.
Time's a tickin'.

'Til later, my loves.


always look on the briiiiight side of life.
Yep, I'm still singin'.

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  1. So when and where did this Cheeto nickname come from. It makes me laugh every time.


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