Thursday, October 6, 2011

sparkly perfection

So, I finally found it.
And it's perfect.
Absolutely perfect.

It kind of looks brown in this picture.
But it's not.
It's gray.
With gold.
And it's magnificent.

I can't wait to wowww in this little beaut.
Hurry up & bring it on, October 15th!

Now all I need is jewelry & shoesies.
I might behave myself & just wear a pair of shoes I already own.
We'll see.

1. I got threw all of my meetings today to let everyone know I am leaving & have accepted a position with a new company. It was a sad day, but all-in-all I'm relieved for it to be over with. So it's smile-worthy
2. Like 9 days until my birthday partay!
3. Getting into work early to make up some time.
4. Working with my GE ladies tonight! Can't wait!
5. My roomie comes home from SF today! Wahoooo!


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