Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When The Doves Fly

boots | charlotte russe
leggings |target
tank | h&m
poncho | for cynthia via marshalls
scarf | unknown via marshalls

This is what I'm wearing today.
I decided today was going to be a comfy day.
I'm pretty much over dress pants right about now.
But the weather is just not cooperating with my desire to wear dresses & skirts.
Where's Spring already??
I know....I really shouldn't complain.
Us Minnesotans have had it pretty good so far this year.
28 degrees will never be good enough for me, though.
 Remember....I'm a Texan at heart.
Oh hey, guys! Be sure to check out these two very amazing blogs for me...

My besty, Jess @ Lady Love's Inner Sass. She did her very first outfit post yesterday! Leave her some love, wouldya?! :) 

Also, pleeeeease pretty please check out Those Four Words. Kind words, helpful advice & constructive criticism always welcome. And if you know someone in the Twin Cities area that could use our help, let us know!!

Thanks, friends!


  1. Such a great Marshals find on that scarf, love!


  2. Love your leopard print scarf!! I wish it were cold enough here to justify wearing scarfs. I just never wear them because I get too hot. Even though I have so many. I just can't part with them. Love your casual look. The mint green and leopard go well together.

    And thanks for the compliments on the clutch. You never know...I might be doing a giveaway for one soon.... <3


  3. I LOVE this outfit, i have a scarf very similar :) xx poppymale.blogspot.com


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