Monday, March 4, 2013

Pantone's Spring 2013 | Poppy Red

I'm so excited for this weeks color - POPPY RED.

I know it doesn't seem like I'm a big fan of red since I pretty much never wear it, but it's hard finding that perfect red piece. I absolutely looove the color and I think it works well with my fair skin and dark hair, which is why I've been so excited for this week. Red always makes me feel so fierce & sassy!

First up - my poppy red inspiration board...

I wore red last Saturday to work. I wish this wasn't a work outfit I'm posting here because I do feel that I could have done so much more with the red had this been a casual outfit. Boo.
Old Navy top || Worthington skirt || Cosmopolitan boots || Merona tights || thrifted via Goodwill/DIY necklace

You can't tell in these pictures, which is a total bummer, but this skirt has a slight hi/low hem and on the inside lining is white so you get a little peek-a-boo white from the front view.

Which of Pantone's Spring 2013 colors has been your favorite so far...
or this weeks POPPY RED?


  1. I love poppy! Between poppy and emerald this season I don't know which I like more!! I like your grayed jade post too =)

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  3. Red is one of my favourite colours to wear, and poppy red is definitely my favourite shade from the pantone selection this season. I love the red blazer in your selection, and your red top, too!


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